How to present presentations

Presentation tips for people who don’t like giving presentations

Presentations at conferences or at work events are only one way of sharing information. They’re far from the only ones, and maybe they carry too much weight in tech.

But! If you’re going to do one, here’s some nuggets of advice I’ve given people in the past few years. None of them seem hefty enough to warrant a blog post of their own, but people find them helpful. This is especially true for people who are anxious about giving presentations, or who know in their heart of hearts that their presentations are normally boring.

(I’ve also given really bad advice, like “Oh, if you don’t have the video, your presentation is a bit sh*t, really, so we should get that to work in the next few minutes or you’ll just have to style it out.” Sorry, James. Not my best work.)

On the days leading up to the presentation

On the morning of your presentation

Tips for the day of the presentation

Vital fact to remember once it’s done

@fitzsimple - 6 Sept 2017