How to write presentations

Presentations have two ingredients

Every presentation has two ingredients: the stuff you put on your slides, and the stuff you say out loud.

Both are equally important. Neither is effective without the other.

Writing a good presentation means thinking about both from the start. It means thinking about how they interweave - about how you can use slides to emphasise what you’re saying out loud, and how you can direct your audience’s attention to your slides with your voice, when the need arises.

Don’t write slides without thinking about the words you’ll say.

Don’t think of words to say, without planning the slides that will accompany them.

The slides and your words are two different things, but they work together. Combined, they are a presentation.

(This is why it’s not helpful to share your talk after the event by simply sharing the slides - you’re only sharing one half of the whole thing. We’ll cover that in more detail in another post.)

@gilest - 28 February 2017